Free game from Chrysler teaches teens to drive

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 28, 2008

When I was younger, I always despised being forced into playing educational video games at school. They always seemed to focus more on the education, and less on the fact that they were supposed to be games. One of the worst was Mario Teaches Typing, which after 15 minutes of typing, would allow you to spend roughly 30 seconds playing something that almost resembled the original Super Mario Bros. only much easier. There’s been no shortage of educational titles over the years, but this new one from Chrysler has to be one of the first to broach the subject of driving.

The game titled Streetwise puts teenagers behind the wheel of a car and attempts to teach them the rules of the road. The game is a free download, which makes it the perfect way for parents to teach their kids the ins and outs of driving without the need to actually interact with them.

I’m really not sure how I would have felt about this game as a teenager. On one hand I would have been happy to have one more tool at my disposal which would help me to pass my test on the first try. On the other, I probably would have hated playing a game that simply teased me with the fact that I could not yet drive.

[via Joystiq]

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