Fraudulent Web Traffic Makes Up 51% Of All US Web Traffic In Q3

A company called Solve Media has issued its quarterly update on the traffic generated on the web from fraudulent sources. The report is called the Quarterly Bot Traffic Market Advisory. The latest report looks at Q3 2013.

The report shows that fraudulent web traffic in the US has hit an all time high during the quarter. According to the report, 51% of all traffic on the web is made up from fraudulent sources. The 51% number represents an 8% increase in fraudulent web traffic compared to Q2 2013.

The amount of suspicious mobile activity in the US is also up significantly in the US growing from 22% in Q2 2013 to 27% in Q3. As high as the percentage of fraudulent web traffic is in the US, it's even worse elsewhere in the world. In Estonia 83% of all web traffic is fraudulent. In Singapore, 79% of all web traffic is fraudulent with 77% of all traffic in China being fraudulent.

In the UK, suspicious web activity reached 47% of all traffic, a marked increase from 44% the previous quarter. Across the world, bot traffic was 22% to 29% for web advertising, 11-14% for mobile advertising, and suspicious web traffic was 43-47% globally.

SOURCE: Solve Media