Franklin debuts Roadie portable speaker system

Franklin Electronic Publishers has been working to branch out from its lineup of electronic dictionaries and other gadgets that are more educational in nature to some gear that is fun. The latest offering from the company is the new Roadie portable speaker system for music players and other sources.

The Roadie is a stackable portable speaker that can be purchased in different components. The EVS-2000 is the base model and is designed to connect to your audio device like a mobile phone, mic, or iPod. The speakers are a powered 3-module system with a 2-way communicator for mobile pros and people that want music on the go.

The tech in the Roadie system uses the table or other surface you set the thing on to provide more sound like you would typically get from a larger speaker system. The roadie base connects the audio source; the second module is a rechargeable battery with a SD card slot and a MP3 player for self-contained music listening without a separate audio source. The third module is an EQ with a tweeter and AC power for more sound. The EVS-2000 base will sell for $49.99 alone, it and the EVS-3000 speaker will cost $79.99, and all three components will sell for $99.99.