France World Cup training monitored by unknown drone

Chris Burns - Jun 13, 2014
France World Cup training monitored by unknown drone

The World Cup has seen a bit of controversy this week as French national team coach Didier Deschamps has called for an investigation of a drone. This drone was flying over the French team in a private practice session, and is suspected of being a spy for either the national media or for their opponents.

What’s been seen is a quadcopter. What’s not known is if this drone was actually spying on the French, or if it was mindlessly floating overhead without real reason. This model drone can, indeed, work with a camera, but it’s not known with certainty whether it was actually carrying a camera that was recording the French practice session.

The drone was spotted on June 10th and is still under investigation today – thus far it does not appear that any significant leads have been found.

UPDATE: It would appear that French news source BFMTV has discovered the source of the drone – and it’s not the government, the media, or the opposition.

BFMTV suggest that the owner of the drone was just an hour after the training session began, was taken to a local police station and questioned, and was released shortly thereafter. The owner is not named, but has been suggested to be a hobbyist aiming to see the training session because he would not be able to see the actual upcoming French / Honduran match.

It’s not clear whether or not the drone owner will be charged, but it does seem that all accusations of explicit wrongdoing have been stopped in the face of any other oppositional force. No worries – no spies!

VIA: Yahoo!Sport

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