Fraley Robot Sculptures Revive Tech Long Since Trashed

Toby Fraley has created some very interesting sculptures made from found objects or "Junque" to form robots that light up. Each seems to have a personality all its own and though you can distinguish what individual components the bots are made of, you can clearly see the overall piece as something "new."


The Pennsylvanian artist has taken special care to ensure each bot is unique. For instance, there is a rock star robot and a bowler robot. But my favorite is probably the one pictured below portraying Slim Pickens or Major T.J. "King" Kong in Dr. Strangelove riding the bomb and waving his cowboy hat in the air. Yeah, that's pretty awesome.

Pretty much any found object is up for grabs in these robot sculptures but old vacuum cleaner parts and tape measurers and magnets make up a majority of them. And these things aren't tiny. While some are about 28" tall, others are 58"! There are also remote controls paired with these devices (also made of found objects) that can turn the robot's lights on and off. Not super high-tech but very neat, nonetheless. You can buy your own bot for about $1800 to $1900 from Uncommon Goods.

[via technabob]