Foxconn might be leaving branded motherboards behind

A new rumor is floating around about Foxconn that we just had to share. Apparently Foxconn Electronics might be leaving the branded motherboard industry and it's interesting to think about what that could mean.

It seems Foxconn got the rumor mill turning when they told their sales department to stop taking new orders on specific motherboards that they offer. Putting this move in conjunction with ceasing to create volume order forecasts points to one thing and one thing only: Foxconn is getting rid of any backlog of products they have.

Foxconn has always been a competitor in the motherboard industry. They consistently grow and have sold over 10 million motherboards in 2007. This year, they have seen a growth rate of about 30 percent. All in all impressive, but raises even more concerns about this rumor. If Foxconn is experiencing steady growth, why would they quit making their own branded motherboards? It is just a rumor at the moment, folks, so take it with a grain of salt.