Foxconn iPhone suicide engineer's family given $44k compensation, Apple laptop

The Foxconn iPhone prototype suicide story continues, with the NY Times suggesting that the company has given ex-employee Sun Danyong's family the equivalent of more than $44,000 together with an Apple laptop to his girlfriend.  However the Foxconn security official accused of mistreating Sun maintains that he merely "became a little angry" and grabbed the engineers shoulder, while Foxconn themselves claim that Sun had "lost" and then rediscovered multiple prototypes before. 

"Several times he had some products missing, then he got them back ... We don't know who took the product, but it was at his stop" James Lee, general manager of China operations, Foxconn

Foxconn declined to reveal the nature or scale of the compensation it paid to the family and Sun's girlfriend, but the engineer's brother made the disclosure.  The local police believed to be investigating the suicide also declined to comment.

Sun Danyong was responsible for shipping iPhone prototypes to Apple in the US.  While in possession of sixteen devices, he reported that one unit had gone missing; it's alleged that he was then detained, beaten by Foxconn security officials and had his apartment illegally searched for the absent device.