Foxconn gives workers up to 66% pay raise based on performance

Foxconn has been making headlines in a bad way this year with a number of its workers committing suicide. The rash of suicides has lead to investigations by Apple into work conditions and the opening of the factory to reporters to see the factory conditions for themselves.

Foxconn has also been trying to make its workers happier and one of the ways they are trying to do this is by raising worker pay. Reuters reports that Foxconn has a new pay raise in effect for workers that would result in a 66% pay increase based on performance. The new pay raise would require a worker to pass a three-month performance review.

If the review is passed by the worker, they can earn 2,000 Yuan per month. That works out to a scant $294.73 per month here in the US. This new pay increase would be on top of the 30% across the board pay raise announced last week. I had no idea that Chinese workers at these plants made so little money. Reuters reports that before the pay increase last week the workers made 900 Yuan monthly or about $132 here in America.