Foxconn gets contract for making next gen Kindle Fire says source

Rumors never stop floating around the tech world. The first generation Amazon Kindle Fire tablet isn't even shipping until next month and we already have rumors on the next generation of the tablet. According to sources in the supply chain cited by DigiTimes, Foxconn will build the next generation Kindle.

The current Kindle Fire tablet is assembled by Quanta computer and Amazon is expected to move about 5 million of them this year. If Foxconn has in fact landed the contract for the second generation Fire, it will be the source of 80% of the tablets on the market according to DigiTimes. It's not clear what the next Kindle Fire will be like.

I would think it could be a 3G version of the Fire we already know about. It could also be a larger screen tablet with a 10-inch screen more like the iPad. Foxconn is also the marker for the Sony Tablet S and the iPad 2 tablets. What do you think is more likely, a 3G version of the Fire we know about or a larger screen version?

[via Android Community]