Amazon could ship as many as 5M Kindle Fire tablets in Q4

As soon as the Kindle Fire was unveiled, I think we all knew this tablet would be popular thanks to the low price. With that low price, we can also bet that the things will be hard to get with tablets being sold out shortly after launch. Analyst Ashok Kumar is now stating that Amazon may move more tablets than previously thought.

Kumar, an analyst with Rodman & Renshaw, said that his check with the supply chain indicated that Amazon could move as many as 5 million tablets in Q4. That would give the Fire about half the numbers of the iPad. The reason for the increase is also cited as the record pre-orders that were received. Naturally, supply will need to go up to meet that demand.

The Fire might give Apple a real run once things get going, if it can keep the momentum. Amazon is the first real competitor to launch a tablet that has a chance at matching the iPad. Things can turn quickly for Amazon though it the tablets get into customer hands and have issues with performance.

[via CNET]