Fox, Warner, SanDisk, and Western Digital announce new 'Project Phenix' DRM

Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. studios along with storage device makers SanDisk and Western Digital have teamed up to announce a new "Project Phenix" (intentionally mispelled) initiative that's aimed at making high-definition digital movie content available across multiple devices. The new digital rights management (DRM) standard is the brainchild of the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) and is being developed to be compatible with UltraViolet so that users can download movie content from the cloud as well as transfer it via compliant storage devices to be played on approved TVs, tablets or other media players.

Project Phenix will make it easier and faster for consumers to organize, store, and move their high-definition digital movies and TV shows, including full 1080p quality content, across multiple SCSA-enabled devices. It adds to the UltraViolet cloud backup by allowing local storage and backup so that content can be accessed online or offline by any SCSA-enabled TV, laptop, Blu-ray player, tablet, mobile phone, or game console.

The new DRM standard will ensure the security of high-definition content and other premium copyright-protected content on local and portable hard drives as well as on flash-based memory products such as USB thumb drives, SD cards, and SSDs. It will complement existing content protection technologies and is expected to be available for licensing later this year.

[via Engadget]