Fox tipped in "Minority Report" pilot order

Have you been pining for Minority Report to come to television? The rumbles have been there, and now there's a new — and very promising — one that proves good news: Fox has reportedly given the go-ahead on a pilot episode, showing solid movement for a series with a lot of promise. This follows the network's purchase of the show back in September, and will hopefully lead to a full-blown series set as a sequel to the movies ten or so years after they took place.

The information comes from Deadline, which is reporting that Fox has recently ordered a pilot for the show, with Kevin Falls taking the helm. Steven Spielberg is said to have been involved in shaping the series.

In this series, viewers will jump aboard about a decade after Precrime in DC comes to an end. There are a trio of Precogs, each finding it hard to continue on with a normal life and one in particular that strikes up with a troubled detective.

Further details about what fans can expect — when the pilot will arrive, for example — are still lacking, but will no doubt make their appearance in the near future. Until then, be sure to check out our Entertainment portal for loads of other recent television and movie news!

SOURCE: Deadline