FOX Sports will offer the Michigan State vs Notre Dame game in social VR

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 19, 2017, 6:56 pm CDT
FOX Sports will offer the Michigan State vs Notre Dame game in social VR

FOX Sports has announced plans to broadcast the Michigan State vs Notre Dame football game in virtual reality, giving fans a very immersive way to enjoy the upcoming game airing on September 23. FOX is calling this a ‘social virtual reality’ experience, saying it will be available through the FOX Sports VR app available for Android, iOS, and Gear VR/Oculus.

The network plans to start coverage of the Michigan State vs Notre Dame game at 8PM Eastern Time on September 23, a Saturday. The coverage will traditionally air on the FOX network as usual, but also through the FOX Sports VR app. Through the app, fans will have a way to watch together from various points in the stadium.

In addition, and in partnership with LiveLike, FOX says it will give viewers a look at the Fighting Irish vs Spartans game via the 360-degree Skycam. That particular Skycam livestream will be available in 360-degrees and on multiple platforms, including FOX College Football on Facebook, the FOX Sports VR app, CFBonFOX on Twitter, and the FOX Sports YouTube channel.

The FOX Sports VR app will offer ‘live game action,’ according to FOX, while the Skycam streams will include post-game stuff, warm-ups with the times, the half-time show, and more. There will also be best-angle highlights of the game in virtual reality following the game’s conclusion.

The VR experience is meant to also be a social experience, offering viewers what FOX calls in-suite avatars as well as the ability to interact with — including verbally — other viewers. Talking about all of this, FOX Sports VP of Partner & Program Management said, “FOX Sports continues to accelerate the development of virtual reality as a unique complement to our overall package of sports offerings.”


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