Foursquare Time Machine visualizes check-ins in 3D, recommends other hot spots

Foursquare enjoys giving its users new ways to visualize all of their check-ins over the years, and they've introduced a new feature that makes that happen once again. It's called Time Machine, and while it may just seem like another feature for Foursquare to use in order to recommend other hot spots to go to, Time Machine visualizes all of your check-ins in the coolest way yet.

Foursquare provides a neat little interface for you to explore all of your check-ins (one-by-one if you really want to), as well as see connections between your various check-ins using a map interface that lets you zoom in and out, as well as view it all in a 3D-like effect from an angled perspective.

Foursquare partnered up with Samsung to make this happen, so it's very heavily based around a Galaxy S 4 marketing campaign, and Samsung's "next big thing" slogan is carried over into Time Machine, where you can view places that Foursquare has recommended that you visit, such as different restaurants and points of interest.

Time Machine is probably one of the coolest ways that we've seen our check-ins visualized. You can even autoplay the sequence, where Foursquare will provide a time-lapse history of your check-ins, one after another — just a quick reminder of how often you visited PF Changs last month.

As with any social platform, you can also share your map and statistics on Facebook and Twitter, because there's nothing like showing off all the places that you've been in the last few years to your friends to make them jealous. Of course, they'll probably fire right back with their own Time Machine map, so be prepared.

VIA: Foursquare Blog