Foursquare redesign comes to Windows Phone 8, YouTube gets updated

In an effort to put more focus on its Windows Phone 8 app, Foursquare has issued a complete redesign that was put together by the Foursquare team along with help from both Microsoft and Nokia. The app has many of the same elements as the iOS and Android versions, but the WP8 redesign caters more towards the tiled look of Microsoft's mobile platform.

And you heard that correctly, Foursquare teamed up with Nokia, which means that the updated app will come pre-loaded on select Lumia models, with the app optimized for Lumia devices as an added bonus, where it will work seamlessly with the line's augmented reality technology, giving Foursquare users the ability to check in with style.

The YouTube app also received an update on Windows Phone 8, being "completely redesigned" with a handful of new features, most notably pinning support, which lets you pin videos, channels, playlists and search results right to your phone's Start Screen. The pinning also extends to YouTube's Kids Corners, allowing parents to easily control what their kids can and cannot view.

These updates come just after Hulu released the Hulu Plus app on Windows Phone 8 yesterday. Netflix had been in the game for over a month, so the streaming service has a lot of catching up to do on Microsoft's platform. Then again, a lot of companies have catching up to do, as many popular apps still aren't on Windows Phone 8 yet.