Foursquare friends check-in activated: permission required

If you're one of the still-massive amount of users working with Foursquare for all of your daily check-in needs, you'll certainly have some sort of an opinion on the addition of an "I'm with" option for the app for iOS and Android. This option allows a much-requested (so says Foursquare) feature to the app ecosystem for checking in friends.

This means that if you're at a restaurant with a group of Foursquare buddies and you want to check them all in instead of each of them having to do so, you can. This option works from the most basic check-in interface and requires no settings changes to the core of the app. Users will, on the other hand, need to update the app itself to make this change-over a reality.

It's not yet clear how this feature will work with permissions for users who haven't updated the app, but what'll happen in brief is this:

How it works:

1. When you check in, you can tap "I'm with..." to add people you're with. Choose your friends from the list.

2. Your friends will then get a notification asking for permission to let you check them in.

3. If they say yes, they'll get checked in (and you'll be able to check them in in the future; one approval and the feature is good to go). If they don't want to be checked in, we'll just 'mention' them as usual.

This info come straight from Foursquare where they're pushing the update to the masses. This update is joined by a couple of pointers for those that wonder: what will happen if I want to check in on my own?

If you do indeed check in – either before or after someone else checks you in – it'll only be your check-in that'll be appearing. If you've gotten tagged in someone else's check-in and you'd, at a later date, like to get rid of that update, you can simply hit an easy-to-find delete button near your name.

UPDATE: An online (in-browser) settings update has been pushed as well, able to be seen through Foursquare's privacy portal and tapped into instantly.