Foursquare celebrates 4sqDay with personalized check-in infographic

If you used Foursquare today to check-in at your favorite restaurant or other establishment, then you may know that it's 4sqDay, a day that's celebrated each year on April 16 to celebrate social media, specifically Foursquare. The social check-in service has launched a nifty new tool that provides users with a neat personalized infographic of all your check-ins over the past year.

The infographic comes with four different view modes, with all check-ins being separated by category in different colors. The first one shows check-ins by the time of year (pictured above), the second one shows your check-ins strictly based on category, the third one is based on connections between check-ins (providing a nifty circle with a web in the middle), and the last one is a randomized view that's merely nothing but something fun to look at.

4sqDay was actually started by an optometrist in Tampa, Florida who also happened to be a social media enthusiast. He was obsessed with numbers, including the connection with Pi Day and it's celebratory date of March 14 (3.14 is pi, by the way). He cleverly thought that April 16 would be a good day to celebrate Foursquare, since "4 squared" equals 16.

After promoting the idea on the internet, Foursquare picked it up and eventually made it official. Of course, some people celebrate the day with parties, but if you're not much of a party goer or can't make it to a party of some kind, you can simply check in at an establishment to earn the 4sqDay badge.