Four Microsoft Courier alternatives for Android

This week we're hearing quite a bit about a couple of applications for iPad, one of which was created by the folks who were once going to bring you the Microsoft Courier – but what about Android? As it turns out, these two applications for iPad, Tapose and Paper don't currently have one whole heck of a lot of choice when it comes to such sleekness as Paper. That said, there are four apps out there at least that will bring you drawing power for the time being – with updates to each on the way soon, of course.

What you're going to be looking at are the following: Notepad by Catch, Evernote (with Skitch), Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile, and Note Everything. This list is of course limited to apps that can be downloaded and used by ANY Android tablet. Each of these applications has its own set of pros as well as some cons, most of the cons being layout and user interface diversity. What you'll find is that these apps strengths lie in their ability to connect with one another, the cloud, and essentially any other app in your library, as is very often the case with Android in general.

Evernote with Skitch has a nice ability to bring you into a deep web of connectivity – Evernote is known for that kind of excellence. Autodesk's Sketchbook Mobile is made more for a smartphone and isn't quite optimized for the tablet sized screen yet, but offers the most diverse set of paintbrush abilities. Notepad by Catch and Note Everything both have the ability to very easily help you collect a diverse set of notes at the tip of a hat, and both share quite well – as it true with the rest of the apps for the most part.

Sketchbook Mobile will cost you [$1.99 on the Google Play App Store], Evernote [is Free] and Skitch [is Free] as well, Notepad by Catch [is Free], and Note Everything [is Free]. Of course several of these apps also have upgraded versions and in-app add-ons that will cost you extra cash, but the basic functions are free for all.

It should be plain to see that this selection doesn't quite add up to what the iPad currently has for notetaking and otherwise perfectly optimized media-collecting apps. We'd like to encourage developers (as well as those in a position to support developers) to create apps with much more diverse abilities than these – and in the very near future! And you readers out there: if you know of any other applications that you feel should be added to this list, don't be shy – let us know!