Fossil’s latest Starck watch is holier than thou

Chris Davies - Nov 26, 2006, 6:58am CST

Methinks designer Phillipe Starck was sucking a mint or two when he came up with his latest watch design for Fossil, the O-Ring Digi.  How else could you explain the distinctive hole in the middle of the face?  Lacking hands, the hours are displayed as numbers while minutes are blocks that build up to create a full ring; the buttons for setting the time are hidden on the back, keeping the whole arrangement sleek.

I suppose Starck could have a particularly nice mole on his wrist that he wanted to show off, or maybe a very small tattoo.  Anyway, the O-Ring Digi is available now for $110 from Fossil’s website.

Fossil [via MoCo Loco]

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