Forza Horizon 3 is about to disappear for good

The Forza Horizon series has proven to be a very popular one for Microsoft, but it seems that the sun is about to set on Forza Horizon 3. Today, Microsoft and Playground Games announced that Forza Horizon 3 is entering its end-of-life phase, which means it won't be available to purchase for much longer. It's actually being removed from sale next month, along with all of the DLC that has been released for the game.

While that's surprising, it isn't all bad news, as Playground Games says that anyone who already owns the game and the DLC will be able to continue playing it after the content is no longer purchasable. Those who own that content will also be able to redownload it in the future, even after it's removed from sale. Obviously, you'll still be able to buy used physical copies of the game too, though obtaining the DLC will more or less be impossible.

So, if you don't have Forza Horizon 3 and you'd like to buy it before it disappears, you have until September 27th to make your purchase, as that's the date Microsoft and Playground Games has set for the game's final day of sale.

The post on the Forza forums announcing Forza Horizon 3's end-of-life status doesn't give a reason why this is happening, but it could have something to do with licensing deals expiring. In any case, while we imagine that pretty much everyone who wanted to play Forza Horizon 3 has done so by now, those that haven't and are looking to buy before the game vanishes will likely be pleased to learn that the game is currently on sale over on the Microsoft store.

From now until the game's listing is removed, the standard edition of Forza Horizon 3 is priced at $9.89, while the Ultimate Edition is down to $20.99. We named Forza Horizon 3 one of the best games of the year back in 2016, so if you like racing games and you haven't played it yet, it's certainly worth a look – just be sure to buy before September 27th rolls around.