Forza 4 to get head tracking tech and improved realism

Head tracking has been around for a long time. Honestly, it never really made much sense in some games. I can see the benefit of head tracking if you are playing a flight simulator for instance. I have even tried changing views in flight games before and honestly, it didn't work that well for me. I can see head tracking to allow the racer in a driving game like Forza to get more realism in the game being appealing though.

Why would you want the screen to track your head in a racing game like Forza? One of the basics of driving a real car on a racetrack is that you look where you want to go, not at the hood or directly in front of the car. You have to get ahead of the track with your eyes or you can end up in trouble. Your hands will take you where your eyes want to go. The video below shows the smooth and very interesting head tracking action allowing the driver to do just that.

The driver's field of view turns with their head allowing them to change the view and look ahead of where the car is with a much more natural process and with more realism. I wish Gran Turismo would let me do this just as smoothly. It looks like I will have to buy Forza 4 when it lands.

[via Kotaku]