Fortnite's weirdest consumable ever has leaked and it involves cows

Fortnite has featured some interesting, bizarre, and outright strange items in the past, but few are as unique and weird as a new consumable item that leaked this weekend. Based on what data-miners have been able to gather, the item is called the "Inflate-a-Bull" because, well, it's literally an inflatable that looks like a giant balloon bull.

The details come from Fortnite data-miner iFireMonkey, a Twitter account that has a solid history of leaking game details before they're officially announced. This time around, the account describes Inflate-a-Bull, a suit that, when activated, enables the player to bounce off things, roll down hills, and withstand the damages of fire.

Much like the crash pads, the Inflate-a-Bull is deployed by pressing the "jump" button while airborne, such as when you've jumped off a cliff. The suit will inflate around the player, though there will be a time limit on how long it will remain active.

While the suit is active, the leak claims players will be able to bounce around in it, make mooing sounds, and enjoy reduced gravity. Opponents can spoil your fun by popping the suit with a bullet, however, which means deploying it while airborne could be a risky move in heavily populated places.

As with disguising as props or getting in a cardboard box, players won't be able to use any of their weapons while in cow mode. Perhaps most uniquely, the suit will be worn in the place of back bling — a string is pulled to deploy the inflatable suit, meaning you won't need to find them in the field.

It's unclear when the item will be released, but it'll (allegedly) arrive at some point during Chapter 2 – Season 7.