Fortnite's The Authority has a major glitch that is ruining matches

Epic Games has acknowledged a new bug that manifests in Fortnite's The Authority point of interest, one that has caused players to lose those matches without warning. The issue involves gliders and manifests in all occasions involving them, including times when the player is using items like a Grappler or Launch Pad. Though it's listed as a priority, Epic hasn't yet fixed this issue.Fortnite players are no stranger to bugs, many of which are small and annoying, but some that have been major, ruining matches or — depending on whether they could be exploited — giving some players an unfair advantage. Epic maintains a list of known issues in its game modes and on different platforms using a public Trello board.

A new entry on the board lists a problem that many players have complained about — when they attempt to deploy their glider at The Authority, the new POI that replaces The Agency, it fails to deploy and they crash to the ground instead. This is annoying in Team Rumble (which have respawning), but could be disastrous in other game modes.

According to Epic's Trello listing, this glider redeploy issue manifests 'occasionally' and includes all forms of gliding, including when you've used a launchpad or other items. There is a single piece of good news, and it's that depending on what you've used to glide, you may not take fall damage.

This happens most times I land at the Authority. from r/FortNiteBR

However, if you're attempting to escape a last-minute battle or get out of the Storm, you're going to be out of luck and may end up dying as a result. Some players have dropped a Launch Pad at The Authority to get out of the Storm, only to bounce straight up and down, ultimately dying not from fall damage, but from their inability to escape in time.