Fortnite's sneaky new Batman shack hints at bigger cave

You may not have noticed, but Fortnite is now home to a new Batman destination...though it's not exactly the Bat Cave. Rather, the game added a small Bat Shack with its update earlier this week, one that teases a potentially bigger change involving Batman coming to the battle royale island — including, potentially, a new Bat Cave POI.

Batman isn't exactly a stranger to the Fortnite world — we previously saw the superhero arrive in a big way with the Gotham takeover of past point of interest Tilted Towers. This time around, Batman has returned as part of the Zero Point crisis, the storyline of which is explored in a new comic book mini-series from DC Comics.

As of Tuesday's update, there's now a small shack in the middle of a small island near Slurpy Swamp; it isn't a designated POI, so the location doesn't have a label visible on the map. The shack is the same as the others you'll find around the island, but with one notable difference: the Bat symbol near the door.

If you go inside the shack, you'll find some Batarangs stuck to various surfaces, as well as a chalkboard and some random items like a barrel and an old computer on a table. The location doesn't reveal anything particularly interesting, but is notable for what it represents: Batman's likely arrival on the island.

Players anticipate a Batman NPC appearing at the shack's destination, though one isn't there yet. As well, fans are speculating that the shack marks the spot where a larger Bat Cave will eventually appear, potentially giving players a big new destination to explore.