Fortnite's second season 9 teaser leaves us even more confused

Fortnite season 9 is nearly upon us, and Epic is keeping with its tradition of publishing daily teases in the lead up to its start date. We received the first tease yesterday – an image of a ninja in a futuristic oni outfit – and Epic published the second teaser just a few minutes ago. Get ready to scratch your head.

Like the image Epic shared yesterday (and indeed, most of the teasers the company makes for new Fortnite seasons), this second teaser again shows off what is presumably a skin launching with season 9. This time around, the player character is dressed in what looks like some kind of futuristic armor that possibly belongs to a fighter pilot.

What's more interesting is that the image also clearly features the letter "E." Yesterday's tease showed the letter "N," so it looks like Epic is forming some kind of mystery phrase. Assuming the company keeps with this one-tease-a-day schedule it seems fond of, we'll be getting one more teaser image tomorrow before the update drops on Thursday, May 9th. If it works out like that, we'll have a three letter word that begins with "N" and "E" – "New" perhaps?

Obviously, trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind these teasers is usually a fool's errand, but it's still fun to take a few guesses as we wait for season 9 to roll around. Fortnite season 9 should be a big one, as the volcano's recent eruption has devastated Tilted Towers.

Ask anyone who plays Fortnite on the regular and they'll tell you that Tilted Towers has had it coming for a long time, so now that it's finally been destroyed, it'll be interesting to see what Epic does with the space as we progress through season 9. What do you think will happen? Head down to the comments section and let us know!