Fortnite's Second Season 6 Teaser Tells Us All To Saddle Up

Another day, another teaser for Fortnite season 6. Epic started teasing Fortnite's newest season yesterday, with an image that showed a purple DJ llama in front of the game's mysterious purple cube. If that left you scratching your head, then get ready to feel even more confused, because today's teaser doesn't really clear anything up.

Instead of keeping with the dance party theme seemingly laid down in yesterday's teaser, today we're going in a completely different direction. It features an image of a cowgirl – or an outlaw, given the face mask – standing once again in front of the purple cube. The accompanying tweet merely tells us to "Saddle up!" while also pointing out that season 6 begins in two days.

So, after two days of teasers, we have a llama DJ and a some kind of wild west bandit. It's hard to find a unifying theme between these two, but it's possible that Epic might be gearing up to launch some kind of Halloween event where there is no consistent theme between the new skins. Perhaps there's going to be a Halloween party at the recently revamped Loot Lake and we're all invited?

Halloween is just a few weeks away, so the timing certainly makes sense, but it's worth remembering that Fortnite seasons last for 10 weeks. That means season 6 won't wrap up until the end of November, well after Halloween has come and gone.

In any case, we'll find out soon enough, as Fortnite season 6 begins on September 27. Before the new season arrives, we've got at least one more teaser coming up tomorrow, so we'll keep an eye out for that to see if it clears things up. Stay tuned.