Fortnite's Samsung Galaxy Cup event: Everything players need to know

As anticipated based on a leak in the Samsung Health app, the Korean company has teamed with Epic Games to launch the Galaxy Cup, a new event that'll unlock a special galaxy-themed skin. The event is limited to mobile players — specifically those on Android — giving them a chance to get the unique skin and a related item wrap. The Galaxy Cup will be live over this upcoming weekend.

Back in 2018, Samsung teamed with Epic to release a special galaxy-themed skin that was only made available to players who purchased select Samsung mobile devices. The skin prompted a run on display models that were used to claim the skin, forcing the company to add some restrictions. This new skin called 'Galaxy Scout' is a female variant of that 2018 offering.

The Fortnite Galaxy Cup will take place on July 25 and July 26; it is, quite obviously, presented by Samsung and is a bit of a promotion for the company's Galaxy line of tablets and smartphones. In order to participate in the event, you'll need an Android device with Fortnite installed — it is available in Google Play and the Galaxy Store.

Only the top-performing players each day of the tournament will get the skin. Android users who play at least five games in the tournament will get the Star Scout Wrap, while only the top winners in each region will get the Galaxy Scout skin. For those in North America, the reward goes to the top 7,500 players on the East servers and the top 2,500 players on the West servers.

For Europe, the reward goes to the top 10,000; in Asia, to the top 1,250; in Latin America, to the top 2,500; in Oceania, to the top 1,250; and in the Middle East, to the top 1,250. The Galaxy Cup game mode will be listed under the 'Compete' tab in the Android version of Fortnite starting on Saturday.