Fortnite's next weapon is bad news for buildings

Epic has started teasing Fortnite's next item and it sure is an interesting one. Like clockwork, a teaser for this next item has appeared in Fortnite's in-game news section, suggesting that it'll be added with this week's patch. That new item is the Mounted Turret, and it definitely has some interesting implications, particularly when it comes to sieging enemy fortifications.

As is usually the case with these teasers, the one for the Mounted Turret doesn't tell us much. "Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat," the teaser's flavor text says. From that alone, there are a few things we can potentially glean.

For starters, it doesn't sound like the Mounted Turret is a weapon you equip, but rather an item that you toss or drop, like the Port-a-Fort. The reference to suppressive fire also suggests that it won't be a super accurate weapon, so while you may not want to use it to pick off a far-away target, it'll still be useful for shredding through enemy structures.

Of course, the Mounted Turret is also likely to be a stationary item, which opens you up to fire from enemy snipers as you're using it. The teaser also says that there's some kind of overheat mechanic with the Mounted Turret too, which was probably put in place to balance the item's damage output or rate of fire (or both).

The Mounted Turrent is likely being added to the game later this week, and more will be revealed about it in that update's accompanying patch notes. For now, we can start brainstorming uses for it – for instance, it seems like the Mounted Turret will be useful in late-game scenarios where you need to flush an opponent out from hiding and don't have to worry so much about getting flanked. Stay tuned, because we'll almost certainly have more to report later this week.