Fortnite's new Sideways Anomalies are disabled until further notice

One of the big new features launched yesterday with Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 are Sideways Anomalies. This new game function is essentially a portal that appears somewhere on the map, enabling players to enter The Sideways, an alternative dimension full of Cube Monsters and unique weapons. The only problem? Epic has already disabled this feature.

Sideways Anomalies are one of the biggest changes with the game this season, which makes the decision to temporarily disable them disappointing. Epic noted the change on its Fortnite Status Twitter account as part of a larger message about server performance issues.

The new season's launch was largely smooth, but some players were reporting problems like rubber-banding, lagging, 'rollbacks,' and even getting disconnected from matches. These were due to the server performance issues Epic noted in a tweet yesterday.

Though Epic didn't explain what may be causing this problem, it seems that Sideways Anomalies may have been the issue. The company said that it has temporarily disabled the altered dimension regions, noting in a later tweet that it was seeing improvements in these performance issues after disabling the anomalies.

The change will be temporary, which isn't surprising given how important the Sideways Anomalies are for this season's gameplay and challenges. Epic will announce when the dimensional regions will return on its Twitter Fortnite Status account, but a timeline for the eventual change wasn't provided.