Fortnite’s new Infiltration game mode tasks players with finding intel

Brittany A. Roston - May 20, 2020, 5:38 pm CDT
Fortnite’s new Infiltration game mode tasks players with finding intel

Epic released Fortnite version 12.60 in the early morning hours (for players in the Eastern Time Zone, at least), adding bug fixes and a number of other changes. One of the additions is a new Spy Game called ‘Operation: Infiltration,’ which requires players to team up and collect intel from the opposing team while protecting their own assets.

The espionage theme in this Fortnite season includes a series of new game modes that aren’t part of the typical LTMs. The ‘Spy Games,’ as Epic calls them, can be found through the old school computer terminal located in the Battle Pass screen near the Challenges table. When you select this now, you’ll have the option of playing Infiltration.

This game mode features teams of 8v8 players who must retrieve an Intel Case from the enemy team while preventing that enemy from getting their own Intel Case. The game has four rounds and the winner is whichever reaches three wins first. Intel is used to upgrade Tech, which are special upgrades that make it easier to win the match.

Epic notes that players can use their unlocked Tech across all of the Spy Games, not just the one that resulted in the upgrade. Players slowly amass new weapons and abilities, such as the ability to run faster when taking damage, being able to deal more damage to opponents when your own health is low and more.

This new Spy Game joins the others: Operation: Dropzone, Operation: Knockout, and Operation: Payload. The Spy Games will only be around for the remainder of the game’s second season, which is scheduled to end on June 4. Players are anticipating some sort of big event that will possibly involve flooding the entire battle royale island.

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