Fortnite's new Cap Kick emote has a secret failure mode

Last summer, you likely noticed a brief Internet trend (unless you live under a rock) that involved recording videos of one's self attempting to kick the cap off of a bottle. This was the latest of a long line of social trends that attracted celebrity attention, fueling its rapid rise and brief peak in popularity. The Cap Kick has returned, this time in the form of a Fortnite emote and it comes with a secret variant.

Epic recently added a Cap Kick emote in Fortnite which, when viewed within the game's Item Shop, shows a successful kick of the cap. Players who purchase the emote and use it enough times, however, may notice a secondary version of the Cap Kick emote that doesn't show up in the Item Shop — one that involves failing to hit the cap.

The secondary variant was recently highlighted on Reddit, where many players confirmed that they, too, see the failure version when they use the emote enough times:

The new Cap Kick emote has a variant where you fail (via @gameshed_) from r/FortNiteBR

As the video above shows, the 'failure' emote causes the character to fall flat on its face -- there's no mistaking the fact that the character failed to hit what it was aiming form. This amusing secret is all the more fun when the player isn't expecting it to happen. Success and failure appear to be the only two versions of this emote.

Unfortunately, if you didn't grab the Cap Kick emote while it was available in the game's Item Shop, it is too late to get least until Epic cycles it back into its shop, which is very likely to happen at some point in the future. It's unclear when the next Battle Pass will be released, but there's a small chance we may see this emote available as part of it.