Fortnite's latest patch revealed a bunch of unreleased guns and explosives

Fortnite was on the receiving end of a big patch this week, the fruits of which were a number of leaks related to the upcoming Fortnitemares event players have come to expect every October. In addition, data-miners picked through the game code and found a bunch of unreleased firearms and explosions that appear to be in the works, none of which have been released in the game at this time. The weapons include everything from rocket launchers to sniper rifles.

Though Epic has made it much harder to pick out details from Fortnite game code in an effort to reduce the number of leaks, some details still appear every so often. A number of data-miners have dedicated their time to picking through game patch codes in search of clues about future changes, events, and additions; this most recent patch was no different.

According to known Fortnite data-miner HYPEX in a recent Twitter post, the Fortnite patch 14.30 included evidence of at least nine unreleased weapons that are in the works behind closed doors — though, of course, there's no guarantee that all of them will be released in the game.

The weapons appear to mostly revolve around light ammo with things like 'Big Money' and 'Thermal,' though there is also one medium bullet firearms like 'Brrrrst' and a couple of heavy ammo firearms like the 'Dragon Breath Sniper.' Likewise, a leaked explosives weapon called 'Slurp' is described as firing long-range rockets that can cause 100 damage to opponents.

The only familiar weapon listed is the Storm Scout, which was released during the game's previous chapter. The return of this weapon would be a welcome one, though competitive players may take issue with it — this rifle's central feature is that it shows where the next Storm circle will be. It's unclear when these new weapons will be released and which ones will make the cut.