Fortnite's latest instant death spot appears in The Grotto

Fortnite players have discovered a new 'instant death' spot that causes players to immediately die when they run through it. This isn't the first time this sort of spot has appeared in the game — we saw several of them throughout the game's first chapter, though this does appear to be the first discovered in Chapter 2, Season 2. Unfortunately, the instant death happens in a popular area.

An instant death spot is exactly what it sounds like — a seemingly random and totally invisible area in Fortnite where a player is instantly eliminated if they step on it. These spots have appeared all over the place, though they've most commonly been located in open fields.

It's easy to tell if something is an instant death spot once someone has died there; their items are left behind. These same items prove to be a lure that draws more players to the death spot, where they then die, causing the cache of weapons and other items to grow. A single instant death spot may claim several players as a result.

Be careful, there is a random death spot on Reboot side of Grotto. from r/FortNiteBR

The new death spot was recently revealed in a video that went viral on the FortniteBR subreddit; the spot is located in the cave entrance to The Grotto. You'll need to be running along the left edge of the cave entrance to hit the spot, meaning it's easy to avoid. The big problem is, as mentioned, the loot pile -- new players run to grab a weapon out of it, only to die themselves.

As with past instant death spots, it is likely that Epic will fix this problem quickly. Until then, you'll simply need to stay away from the left edge of the cave entrance or you could use the helicopter escape hatch to make sure you don't end up anywhere near the elimination point.