Fortnite's free Disney+ promo is about to end: How to claim it

If you've made a real-money purchase in Fortnite recently, you have the opportunity to get two months of Disney+ for free — but the promotion is ending tomorrow, so you only have hours left to claim the offer before it disappears. The offer is open to players who have spent real money in the game from November 11 to December 31.

Disney+, of course, is the streaming service Disney launched last year; it is home to the company's vast movie library, as well as TV shows and originals like The Mandalorian. For its part, Epic has had multiple major tie-ins with Disney's Star Wars and Marvel content, so the promotion makes sense.

You'll need to be a new Disney+ subscriber to get the free two months of access — and the only qualifying Fortnite purchases are ones made with real money, meaning buying a skin with V-Bucks you already own won't work, but buying V-Bucks with real money will.

The eligibility covers players ages 18 and older in certain countries; places like France, Japan, and more aren't included in the promotion. Epic notes that real-money purchases include buying V-Bucks gift cards at stores like Walmart and Target. Once you've made the purchase, you can head over to Epic's promo site for the deal.

Users will need to create a Disney+ account and provide a payment method when redeeming the deal; you'll be charged once your free promotional period ends, assuming you don't cancel. For customers located in the United States, Disney+ is priced at $6.99/month; it's a bit higher in Canada at $8.99/month.