Fortnite's first big NBA crossover detailed: Skins, Team Battles, Creative hub

Battle royale game Fortnite has unveiled its first crossover with the NBA, giving basketball fans the opportunity to represent their favorite team in the game, get NBA-themed outfits, and participate in team battles. The new crossover arrives in time for the real-life NBA Playoffs.Fortnite x NBA: The Crossover will include a five-day tournament in which all 30 NBA teams are represented. These Team Battles, as Epic calls them, kicked off today, May 19, and will run through May 23, with players having the opportunity to sign up on the event's dedicated web page. The first 15,000 players to sign up for a team will be able to compete for V-Bucks and game rewards.

If you don't manage to sign up for a spot on your favorite team, you'll instead be able to register as a fan in the game, which will still include the chance to unlock rewards. The fan sign-ups will likewise be limited, but with a bigger cap at the first 550,000 players. You'll need to sign up before the registration is closed.

The first three days of Fortnite x NBA: Team Battles will involve a series of challenges to complete. The last two days, however, which will take place on a weekend, will include leaderboards that track each team's progress. Teams that rank the highest will get the NBA Championship Trophy back bling and a shot at V-Bucks. The full list of leaderboard rewards, including ranks to unlock them, can be found here.

Note that because there are a limited number of slots on each team, players who sign up but then are inactive during the Team Battles will be removed from the team and will lose the chance to participate in future NBA Team Battles. The empty slot will be given to the next person in line who registered as a fan.

Beyond the Team Battles, Epic teases that it will bring its NBA crossover into Creative. Though it doesn't have any details on that yet, the company says that it will publish an NBA Welcome Hub on the Fortnite blog on May 25.