Fortnite's Device event is Monday: What players should know

On June 15, Epic will finally launch its 'The Device' event, which players were previously referring to as 'Doomsday.' The event has been delayed twice in the past, leading players to wonder where there would be a third delay — one that, as of early Sunday, has not happened. Assuming everything goes as planned, players will be able to catch the event tomorrow, but Epic warns that 'space is limited.'

The Device will take place on June 15 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST / 7PM BST. The countdown timer in the game's lobby has been updated to reflect the new time, helping players keep an eye on it as the big moment draws near. In a previous blog post — the one that announced the then-new and now-defunct June 6 event date — Epic had said that 'space is limited' and as such, players should get into the event match 30 minutes ahead of time.

What does Epic mean by 'limited space?' No one knows, but it seems likely that any player interested in watching will be able to participate. What should you expect? Nothing official has been stated, of course, but multiple delays have paved the way for several major leaks that all but confirm what will take place.

Midas has been building some sort of machine in his lair; players can see it by visiting the character's room in the Battle Pass tab. This machine is unofficially called 'Doomsday' by players and is expected to cause massive destruction on the island — one that will potentially usher in a big flood that completely changes the way the game is played in Season 3.

In recent days, a data-miner shared renders of The Agency post-event based on game files. It seems this structure will blow up as part of The Device, leaving behind only remains of the central building. Whether this structure will remain in Chapter 2 – Season 3 is yet to be seen.