Fortnite's Chimpanski questline finally disabled over annoying bug

Fortnite players have been reporting issues with completing the JB Chimpanski questline due to a particular quest that requires making a gold bar donation. After many days of complaints from players — as well as general uncertainty about how to proceed — players finally have a response from Epic about the issue.

The big issue involving the J.B. Chimpanski questline is the specific challenge, "Donate to the War Effort." This involves donating gold bars in one of the donation boxes located around the island, which helps fund the return of some vaulted items that'll be needed later on in the season.

Players have noted that most of the donation boxes are missing, and that of the ones that remained, many players weren't able to actually deposit gold bars to complete the quest. This has caused some speculation among players about whether Epic is withholding most of the boxes so that turrets get fully funded or if there's some larger bug behind it all.

It seems there is, indeed, some variety of bug that is causing issues with the Chimpanski questline, though Epic hasn't shed light on what, exactly, is going on. The company said in a tweet that it has autocompleted the "Donate to the War Effort" quest so that players can move on from it; likewise, it has disabled the full Chimpanski questline.

The change is temporary and the Chimpanski questline will return at some point, though it's unclear how long it may take to get a fix in place. It doesn't appear the Chimpanski issue has been added to the Fortnite Trello bug board, though it hasn't yet been updated as it still has a note about how to complete the quest.