Fortnite's C2 Season 4 Marvel surprise may be a vampire hunter

We're still in the middle of Fortnite's big Chapter 2 – Season 4 Marvel crossover, one that has resulted in a steady drop of new items, map changes, and superheroes. It's unlikely that we've seen everything this season has to offer, and now we (probably) know what to expect. Marvel and Epic Games have both spent the past few days heavily indicating that a familiar vampire hunter will be arriving in the battle royale game soon.

If you've spent any time in the Marvel universe (or watching '90s action movies), you're likely familiar with Blade, the vampire hunter also referred to as the daywalker. Though the companies have not outright confirmed that Blade is one of the characters that will be arriving in Fortnite during the Marvel crossover, both have heavily hinted at the upcoming addition.

Blade has been part of the Marvel universe since the early 1970s; he's the ultimate vampire hunter, one dedicated to ridding the world of evil vampires. The character differs quite a bit from the ones we've seen added to the game so far — and it wasn't expected as part of the lineup, catching fans by surprise. The character may appeal to older players and anyone who wants to wield a couple of swords.

It's unclear whether the arrival of this character — which will likely take place in the very near future — may result in any related map changes and, perhaps, the addition of some type of zombie character for players to take on. It wouldn't be the first time Epic has added its monsters into the battle royale version of the game, though they don't quite meet the criteria of 'vampire.'

It's clear that Blade will be arriving in the game (it's hard to imagine what other characters the teasers could apply to), but that's all we know at this point. The leaks on this character have been surprisingly minimal, so players will likely have to remain patient for the eventual addition to learn more.