Fortnite's big Marvel Avengers Nexus War event is over: Now what?

Fortnite fans got to experience the big (or not-so-big, depending on who you ask) Nexus War event in the battle royale game, bringing a proper conclusion to the Season 4 Marvel crossover while adding another piece to the puzzle that is the game's wider storyline. What can fans expect now that the event is over? A few big changes are coming.

Quite a few people missed the event this season due to its timing — 4 PM ET on a Tuesday doesn't work for many schedules, meaning you're likely watching the replay in videos. Don't sweat it; you didn't miss much and the action wasn't quite as long and exciting as many players had expected.

The event concluded with a cutscene tying the battle back into the events we saw leading up to the island change, but it's not yet clear whether we can expect a new island. Galactus is, as you'd expect, defeated and the superheroes are leaving the island. The best part? Season 5 starts in only a few hours.

Players were greeted with a waiting screen after the Nexus War event, one with a countdown timer to the arrival of Season 5. Epic explained in a tweet that server downtime for the big update will start on December 2 at midnight ET (0500 UTC) and won't end until around 4 AM ET (0900 UTC).

We don't yet know what Season 5 will bring, but a number of leaks have surfaced in recent weeks, including one showing off the Battle Pass promotional image with The Mandalorian as the primary skin, including a tiny Baby Yoda back bling. Will the next season have a full Star Wars crossover? Unlikely. But we may get yet another map change.