Fortnitemares 2020 Halloween leaks: skin set, scary audio, and candy

Epic Games is (likely) gearing up to release a full Halloween event for 2020, one that will probably be called 'Fortnitemares' based on the game's history. Players have been anticipating the arrival of this year's spooky content, some of which have already arrived in the Item Shop. What kind of game changes can you expect for Halloween? Candy and scary sounds, among other things, based on data miner leaks.

Every time Epic releases a new Fortnite update, game data miners search through the code for hints about upcoming changes and additions. Things are no different this week, with data miners reporting a number of discoveries based on the most recent game patch — some of which revolves around Halloween.

For example, and at least based on a leak from data miner HYPEX, players will get access to different types of candy buckets for Fortnitemares 2020, with the candy itself being consumable (presumably giving health and shields). The video includes the sound effect that will accompany the Candy Corn consumption.

Not exciting enough for you? The same data miner also found other sound effects that are believed to belong to a new upcoming Point of Interest that'll likely be spooky-themed. The sound effects include noises for the three different building materials in the game, as well as creaking doors and floorboards, clanging metal, and similar things.

A different data miner who goes by the name Mang0e has reported the discovery of code indicating the future arrival of a 'Fancy Kevin' skin set. The leak claims the skin set will be made available as part of the upcoming Fortnitemares Halloween event under the Dark Series, but it's unclear whether the offering will be a reward or an Item Shop release.