Fortnite x Rocket League Llama-Rama returns with new rewards

Epic Games has announced a second Llama-Rama event that will merge the Fortnite and Rocket League universes, at least when it comes to some rewards. The event will kick off in a few days, offering rewards in both games, as well as an in-game Fortnite concert from DJ Kaskade that'll last two days.

Llama-Rama 2 will kick off on March 25 at 12 PM ET and will run through April 9 at 4 PM ET. On these days, Rocket League players will be able to complete challenges in exchange for Fortnite-themed rewards, including wheels, toppers, weapon wraps, music tracks, back bling, and more.

The challenges will include a variety of tasks ranging from simple to more complex. The first, for example, merely involves playing three matches online. Other challenges include things like getting five saves/assists/goals in online matches, getting 500 total points, playing a match in Extra Modes playlists, and more.

As mentioned, Epic also has another in-game concert planned for Fortnite players, and it'll take place in the Party Royale game mode. The company is bringing in DJ Kaskade who will perform Reset EP and more in celebration of the Rocket League Llama-Rama.

Players will be able to watch the concert on March 26 and March 27 at select times using Picture-in-Picture or on the Party Royale main stage. Head over to Epic Games' official Fortnite website to check out the full list of dates, as well as the Rocket League challenges and the rewards that come with them.