Fortnite x Predator may be the battle royale game's best crossover yet

Fortnite fans are used to crossovers, but the surprises never end. Hot off the heels of its big Marvel crossover, it looks like Epic may be planning to introduce another big franchise in its game — though in a smaller way, at least based on teasers players have noticed on the battle royale island.

We're only days into the new Fortnite Season 5, but we've already gotten one crossover (in the form of the Mandalorian skin), and all signs point toward a big new addition in coming weeks. One such addition may reveal the reason one new battle royale POI is surrounded by high walls.

Called "Stealthy Stronghold," the new Fortnite POI is the only one sealed away behind thick, high walls; the interior features a jungle-like environment that differs from the rest of the game, leaving fans wondering what it all means. If you were hoping the walls meant a Jurassic Park crossover was happening, think again.

As it has done in the past, Epic has added teasers to this POI that hint at what is to come — and it sure looks like there's a Predator collab in the works. Players have noticed the Predator laser logo on a door, as well as a very obvious replica of the truck with a generator you'll see in the original Predator movie.

Epic has joined in the speculation by tweeting another 'incoming audio transmission' video on the Fortnite account, one that features the jungle sounds from Stealthy Stronghold, as well as the following audio log:

Reality Log #1987: Why is every jungle in every reality crawling with venomous snakes and strange predators? Whatever, it'll all be worth it when I find May. Locals around here call her a wild heart. That's a, uh, shapeshifter to you and me. Rumor has it the gods have granted her three forms: shark, harpy, and, uh, well, no one has actually lived long enough to see the third one. This'll be fun.

Fans will note that the first Predator movie was released in 1987, the same number used for the Reality Log. The video also includes a clip of a loud blood-chilling roar that sounds a lot like the sounds the Predators make in the movie. It's unclear when the crossover will start, however.