Fortnite x Naruto crossover leaks reveal Creative Hub and free rewards

Last week, Epic Games dropped a teaser on its Fortnite Twitter account revealing a Naruto crossover that'll arrive on Tuesday, November 16. The company pinned the teaser on the account, indicating this may be more than a simple Item Shop drop with a couple of skins. Here to reinforce that speculation are Fortnite data miners with some tantalizing leaks.

Crossovers have become a common activity in Fortnite, and though some of them have been huge multi-week events, many are more limited in nature. Some fans have been asking Epic for a Fortnite x Naruto crossover and that, the company revealed in its teaser image, is finally happening.

Epic doesn't have much to say about the crossover aside from the November 16 release date. However, game data-miner and known reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX has published some alleged details about the Naruto crossover, claiming it'll be more than a skin in the battle royale game's Item Shop.

According to the account, the crossover will include a Creative Hub featuring the Hidden Leaf Village. As well, HYPEX claims multiple cosmetics will be available in the Item Shop, noting that fans should "prepare" their wallets. Not everything will cost money, however, at least according to the leaks.

HYPEX goes on to claim that a couple of free Naruto-themed rewards will be made available as part of this collaboration, one featuring a Ninja Scroll and the other a bowl of ramen. Players will, the account claims, collect coins in Creative mode to unlock the rewards.

Assuming this is true, it would essentially be the same as the recent Balenciaga collaboration, which had players run around in a themed Creative Hub to find and claim a certain number of sneakers. Whether the Naruto crossover will also include new challenges related to the anime is unclear at this time.

The account also dropped an alleged promo image featuring artwork for the crossover. In it, we see Naruto eating pizza in front of the Fortnite POI Pizza Pit. The artwork has the same look and feel as loading screens offered for other characters — the same loading screens that are often given as rewards for completing challenges. We'll have to wait until next week's official crossover launch to see whether players will be able to unlock the artwork as a loading screen, however.