Fortnite x G.I. Joe crossover is official: Snake Eyes joins the hunt

As anticipated, the character Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe team has been added to Fortnite as its latest hunter, joining past additions ranging from The Walking Dead zombie-killers to the Terminator and Predator. Epic revealed the character following a teaser posted on its Fortnite Twitter account that essentially confirmed the new hunter.

Last week, Epic published a tweet with the term 'Ninja Master,' as well as an audio transmission from Agent Jonesy that ended with the phrase, "And knowing is half the battle." Anyone familiar with the classic G.I. Joe cartoon could immediately identify it as a teaser about Snake Eyes, the saber-wielding character from the fictional team.

Snake Eyes isn't part of the Season 5 Battle Pass, though — you'll have to head into the game's Item Shop to purchase the skin and its related gear if you want to play as the character. It remains unclear what role the 'hunters' will play in the game's finale, but presumably, they'll all make an appearance.

What is a Fortnite hunter? You'll want to watch the Season 5 launch trailer to get an understanding of this season's storyline and why there are strange portals to other worlds currently on the battle royale island.

Agent Jonesy is currently tripping through time and various dimensions in search of capable hunters who he can bring to the Fortnite universe. Each new hunter added to the game is, in keeping with the storyline, a powerful warrior brought from a different world to temporarily aid the island inhabitants.