Fortnite x Family Guy among crossovers teased in player survey

A new Fortnite survey indicates that Epic is exploring a huge number of potential collaborations with popular brands, television shows, celebrities, and more. The variation on the survey is huge, including oddball inclusions like animated show Family Guy, video game characters like Yoshi from Mario Bros., and even things like Monopoly (yes, the board game).

It's not unusual for Epic to send surveys to players in order to gauge their interest in things like potential crossovers, new skins, and similar. For example, we previously saw a survey about a monthly subscription, only for Epic to later announce its Fortnite Crew bundle. This time around, the survey asks players to select pop-culture media, games, celebrities, athletes, and more that they've heard of.

Screenshots of the huge survey were posted by game data-miner HYPEX on Twitter (above), revealing the potential third-party IP that may come to the Fortinte universe in the future. There's no clear pattern to the survey — it asks players, for example, whether they'd seen or heard of movies like Toy Story, Robocop, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Zoolander, The Hobbit, and more.

The same question is asked for a huge number of soccer clubs, comic book characters like Wonder Woman, Taskmaster, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern, video game characters like Pikachu, Snake, Aloy, Dante, and Joker, plus athletes like Mason Mount and Jarrett Culver.

Some of the entries on the survey have already appeared in the game, plus we've heard others through the ongoing Epic vs Apple court trial and via leaks. It's hard to say how many of these brands and other entries may actually be up for consideration, however, and how many may simply be added to the list to keep the public from guessing what comes next.