Fortnite will soon lose its controversial Legacy Aim Assist feature

Epic plans to remove its controversial Legacy Aim Assist feature, which enables controller players to track opponents through structures by spamming the L2 trigger. The feature has been heavily criticized by players, including a number of streamers, in recent weeks, perhaps prompting the change. Epic says it will remove Legacy Aim Assist, but players will be able to easily copy their sensitivities.

Epic revealed the news in a tweet on Friday, explaining that it will remove the 'Use Legacy Look Controls' setting in an update scheduled for release on March 13. This decision was made in light of 'improvements we've made to Aim Assist,' the company said. Players will have the option of copying their legacy sensitivities using the 'Copy from Legacy' feature under 'Controller Options.'

Aim assist exists for controller players because it is difficult to precisely aim using joysticks. However, the Legacy Aim Assist feature has been heavily criticized as overpowered, enabling players to repeatedly spam the L2 trigger in order to lock the gun's sights onto the opponent. This could cause the firearm to track opponents even if they were hidden behind walls or in shrubs.

As a result, controller players who spammed the L2 trigger had an unfair advantage over other players, prompting complaints from players. It has also become something of a scapegoat for streamers who blame every kill they suffer on the feature. The entire topic has reached its boiling point as of late and it seems Epic is ready to do something about it.

Controller players who are currently using the Legacy Aim Assist feature will need to switch to Exponential or Linear going forward. The news will no doubt upset players who have been exploiting the feature to get a large number of eliminations, but it will please keyboard and mouse players who complain about an unfair advantage.