Fortnite will play the latest Tenet movie trailer in Party Royale

Epic has announced plans to stream another sneak peek at an upcoming movie in its Fortnite game. This time around, the company will be broadcasting one of the trailers for the action thriller movie Tenet, which is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 17. This isn't the first time Epic has played a movie sample in Fortnite, but it won't be quite as stunning as the Star Wars preview.Tenet is a time-bending action movie from director Christopher Nolan; it stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine. Assuming it doesn't get delayed by some unforeseen pandemic-related issue, the movie will hit theaters this summer.

Before that happens, Epic will promote the movie by playing the latest trailer in its Party Royale mode, which is the relatively new mode where players can have fun rather than fight. Until now, in-game screenings took place at the Risky Reels drive-in theater, which was recently named an official Point of Interest on the new island.

The trailer will play once every hour starting at 8 PM ET tonight, according to Epic, though it's unclear how long this promotion will run. This is obviously different than the Star Wars screening event, which involved playing a preview of the movie rather than its trailer.

It's not surprising that companies continue to tap Fortnite for movie and show promotions; though the game isn't quite at its peak popularity anymore, it remains very popular with a vast number of players. Past promotions and tie-ins included ones related to the movie IT, the TV show Stranger Things, and the character Deadpool.