Fortnite will likely get cars this week: Here's a look at Whiplash

Fortnite players have been anticipating the arrival of cars in the game, something we've known about since the season's launch trailer. Late last month, Epic revealed that it was delaying the release of the cars for reasons that weren't clearly stated. The company had indicated that cars wouldn't arrive in the game until around the middle or end of August, but there are a couple of good reasons to believe that cars will be arriving with this week's update.READ: Last-minute Fortnite change hints at inevitable Season 4 delay

Anyone who has fired up Fortnite in recent days will note that the floodwaters have largely disappeared from the island, leaving behind an altered but ultimately functional landscape. With the return of land should come an obvious addition — cars.

The roads are clear and vehicles like this would help players get around quickly now that the large body of water is gone. However, as mentioned, the cars were delayed.

On July 24, Epic announced in a tweet that it would be 'a few weeks' until it was able to get cars on the road, something that was necessary while its lawyers were 'sweating the policy details and fixing typos' — fictional lawyers working for the fictional No Sweat Insurance company, that is. Based on that tweet, players didn't get expect to get access to cars until the end of August.

However, Epic has a game update planned for this week — it'll arrive on Wednesday, August 5 — and it will apparently bring vehicles, at least based on the tweet below. "Whiplash" is the official name for the classic sports car we've seen in Season 3 trailers since its arrival weeks ago.

That's not the only reason to assume cars will be arriving in Fortnite this week. The game has just received a new emote called 'Buckle Up' that includes a dance with a subtle seatbelt-buckling arm motion as part of its routine. That emote is available in the Item Shop now.