Fortnite will get Dynamite explosive weapon in near future

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 19, 2018, 9:15pm CST
Fortnite will get Dynamite explosive weapon in near future

Epic Games has yet another weapon coming to its hit Fortnite: dynamite. The new item was revealed by the in-game Update Menu, which appears when a player accesses the game lobby. As expected, players will find dynamite as a bundle with a long fuse. Light that fuse, run away, and then wait — soon enough, says Epic, the entire thing will go “boom.”

Epic regularly updates Fortnite: Battle Royale with new in-game items, some of which are permanent additions, other more temporary. We’ve seen some items disappear after a short while due to lack of interest or criticism — the tommy gun is one example, with Epic eventually removing it after criticism about how it shredded structures.

The game offers both firearms and explosives, the latter which includes an RPG, grenade launcher, quad-launcher, and handhelds like grenades and clingers. The addition of dynamite likely won’t upset gameplay drastically, assuming the item’s damage isn’t severe. Rather, players will have yet another way to form their strategy: toss a grenade, throw a clinger, or plant dynamite.

The company hasn’t revealed any details about the new item at all, leaving players to wonder how much damage the new weapon will cause. There’s no word yet on how many dynamite bundles a player will be able to carry at one time, nor how long of a wait there is between lighting the fuse and the resulting explosion.

Some players speculate the dynamite may be something like a replacement for the remote explosives, which Epic pulled in late September. With that weapon, which was found in “Rare” quality, players could place remote charges on a structure or the ground, then run away and trigger them using a remote control. Damage was extensive.

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