Fortnite Wild Weeks takes over season six: What this means for players

Epic has announced Fortnite Wild Week, a sort of dynamic adjustment to the battle royale gameplay that will keep things feeling fresh and require players to stay on top of their strategies. Put simply, each week for the remainder of the game's season six will put emphasis on a different type of weapon with its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Players don't need to worry about anything big changing in Fortnite battle royale. The gameplay and island remain the same. Rather, Wild Weeks refers to the items you'll find around the island, with each week adjusting the loadout so that you'll be more likely to come across certain types of weapons rather than others.

This first week, which started on May 6, revolves around fire and that's why you're easily stumbling across flare guns and fire-powered bows right now. With these, players are easily able to set things on fire, meaning you'll need to stay on guard about long-range attacks and have an exit strategy to escape the flames.

Epic says that its 'Fighting Fire with Fire' Wild Week will be live until May 13 at 10AM ET. That gives players a full week to enjoy the literal firepower before the game cycles to the next weapons drop. Epic hasn't yet revealed which array of weapons will be emphasized in the next weeks starting on May 20.

After that second Wild Week that starts on May 20, the third and final Wild Week in season six will start on June 3. Players can keep an eye out on the official Fortnite social media accounts to preview the next weapons theme, giving them a chance to plan their strategies before the change.